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Summer 2021 Podcast Season

Initial scans revealed an abrupt and powerful seismic shift but they never could have fathomed the coming reports. Regions thought to be safe have been reevaluated and residents within the blast radius have been warned to evacuate. The expected pyroclastic flow has been increased 250%. The sonic assault alone could shatter windows across the globe. Experts have dubbed it: The Wycon Event. Receive further warning and instruction by tuning in at the link below. Updates can also be received by subscribing to our early warning services at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud. #dnb#drumandbass#subductionaudio#wycon#boom#dojunglistshit

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Spring 2021 Podcast Season

ALL ABOARD!!! The spring train is rolling with the one like Detcord. Hailing from Seattle, mans is a staple within the Pacific Northwest scene. Reppin’ for the legendary DnB Tuesdays Seattle the homie has delivered a heater of a mix to bang ya ear drums.

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Winter 2021 Podcast Season

Ya ever open a tracklist and say to yourself, “oh hawtgawtdamn!” Welll, this one be like that. Close friend and hometown hero Lurky is here to formally kick off 2021! Repping right for Sublimate and PDX, it’s time to get in on the freshness. Available now! Apple, Google, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Mixcloud. Pick your poison just make sure to like, subscribe, review, share while you’re there. One love and here’s to 2021. 🍻🔊#dojunglistshit#drumandbass#dnb#usdnb

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Streamfest 4.0 Replay

Our man, the broham, beardius maximus himself, Mr. Solve, laying it down for the good people’s of Whats Next PDX?

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Black Lives Matter

When we formed Subduction Audio, we did so with the intent to build community around a sound and culture we dearly love. Built upon a foundation of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We set out to represent the sound and culture the absolute best we could.

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