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Heartbeat Silent Disco Sept 26

Mr Solve is playing the DNB stage!

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Park Sessions Season Closer September 18

It’s time to close out this session of Drum & Bass Park Parties with a season finale September 18, 2021 on the patio at the Star Theater. This time we’re chocking the lineup full of solid old-school heads. We’re bringing down Seattle veteran mainstays Enki (SOMA, Onset) and MC Sake 1 (Headyworks, Squadron DnB) as well as local homies Vein, Kid Logic, Chaach and Bear. As always, your friendly neighborhood Blacktacular will be guiding the vibe.
Masks are required inside the building of Start Theater. As we are going through a surge right now, they are recommended on the patio. Please respect people’s space and help us keep each other safe. Let’s get the funk down!

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park sessions volume 3 august 27

Portland’s Drum & Bass community is coming together for another outdoor summertime shindig. This time Drum & Bass Park Sessions will be held at the beautiful Sellwood Park… Outdoors… Plenty of space to dance and chill. Please be respectful of other people’s space. You’re welcome to bring your kids, be conscious that it’s a BYOB atmosphere.

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Summer 2021 Podcast Season

Initial scans revealed an abrupt and powerful seismic shift but they never could have fathomed the coming reports. Regions thought to be safe have been reevaluated and residents within the blast radius have been warned to evacuate. The expected pyroclastic flow has been increased 250%. The sonic assault alone could shatter windows across the globe. Experts have dubbed it: The Wycon Event. Receive further warning and instruction by tuning in at the link below. Updates can also be received by subscribing to our early warning services at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud. #dnb#drumandbass#subductionaudio#wycon#boom#dojunglistshit

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park sessions volume 2 August 7

We are bringing you another afternoon of DnB in the park! The location is Picnic E at Kelley Point Park and this event is free for everyone

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