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Urbanize D&B April 2019

Zealot joins a stellar lineup of PNW locals at 4-4-2 soccer pub for a night of drum and bass.

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Dillinja in PDX!

Co-Founder Zealot added to the support lineup for this massive headliner. not to be missed.

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Happy Hour #3

This is totally the move to get your weekend started. Or end that tough work week. However you Happy Hour, join us for some drinks, some grub, and some dancing (you won’t be able to help at least nod your head) to the grooves that Ray Uptown, Shtickykeys, and the Subduction Audio residents will be laying down.

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Deep Thoughts with Scot Free Feb 2019

The Not-So-Great ‘Rollers’ Debate

This article recently posted on, seemingly draws a line in the sand and defiantly states that ‘rollers’ does not describe a specific subgenre of Drum & Bass.  The tone is playfully confrontational, but the message is clear- ‘rollers’ is not a specific subgenre.  Possibly due to the call-out nature of the article, rhetoric and side-splitting memes on both sides have exploded since it was published (although recently it seems like the majority who initially pushed the argument have already moved on).

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Even More Happy Happy Hour

New for 2019!!!! Drum & Bass Happy Hour presented by Subduction Audio. Come down and unwind from the grind. Have a drink and enjoy the beat. Vibes inside.

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