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Deep Thoughts with Scot Free Feb 2019

The Not-So-Great ‘Rollers’ Debate

This article recently posted on, seemingly draws a line in the sand and defiantly states that ‘rollers’ does not describe a specific subgenre of Drum & Bass.  The tone is playfully confrontational, but the message is clear- ‘rollers’ is not a specific subgenre.  Possibly due to the call-out nature of the article, rhetoric and side-splitting memes on both sides have exploded since it was published (although recently it seems like the majority who initially pushed the argument have already moved on).

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Even More Happy Happy Hour

New for 2019!!!! Drum & Bass Happy Hour presented by Subduction Audio. Come down and unwind from the grind. Have a drink and enjoy the beat. Vibes inside.

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Ish I’m Feeling – January 2019

Hello there fellow music enthusiast. Welcome to the first of hopefully many “Ish I’m Feeling Right Now” lists with yours truly, Zealot. This is kind of a “Top 10 List” but also not. It’s really just a set of tunes, in no particular order, that are making me feel tingly in all the right places. Some I may be rinsing, others that are just quality joints. Nevertheless, without further ado…

28 January 2019 Music Read more

DNB Tuesdays Crew Takeover

We about to bring that shock and awe snap jungle/DnB attack. We’re coming for you Seattle!!! We are excited to bring almost the entire crew up to rock out with you. Always a pleasure rocking with our neighbors to the north and with the DnB Tuesdays Seattle folk. A little addendum as well, we just inducted a new member this week and he’ll be joining us as well. Darkvoid DNB is a Tuesday’s alum and the latest powerhouse to our team. Y’all buckle up. Should be a hell of a ride. One love. BOH!

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Welcome the newest Member!

Subduction Audio is excited to announce that our merry little band of misfits has grown. It is our great honor to announce the addition of Darkvoid DNB to the team!!! It can’t be overstated how amazing of a talent our friend is on multiple fronts. Production, DJing, graphic design. We look forward to walking alongside him and waving the Darkvoid banner as he continues to blaze his trail in the DnB landscape. As well, we’re humbled he’s willing to wave the Subduction Audio banner alongside us. 

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