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Black Lives Matter

When we formed Subduction Audio, we did so with the intent to build community around a sound and culture we dearly love. Built upon a foundation of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We set out to represent the sound and culture the absolute best we could.

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Facebook live videos from the crew

A few of us have been doing these Facebook live sessions. Zuccerborg hates good music, so most of these videos are around 30 minutes. We caught him sleeping a few time though. Click through em. Make a watch list. Rewatch them over and over. one of these days i will put them all together for your viewing enjoyment.

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Beats, Bass, and Beyond podcast ft Mr. Solve

Listen to the recording of the live broadcast from April 9th of Beats, Bass, and Beyond featuring Mr. Solve!

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Spring 2020 Guest Mix: Quadrant

Even in these interesting times, Subduction Audio keeps rollin out the fire jams! Up this season on the podcast: Quadrant. Seattle Badman always delivers the goods. Listen to the mix on the website, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or where ever you subscribe to the podcast.

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april 9th mr. solve on beats, bass, and beyond

Catch Mr. Solve tonight on on guest mix duties for the mighty PDX Mandem. 11pm to midnight PST.
91.1 or 107.1 on the FM dial, and streaming on

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