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Binsky at Gnosis March 11

Binsky at Gnosis March 11

There’s a Spring in our step for the March edition of Gnosis Drum & Bass, as we are more than proud to present two PDX selectors with 2020 jungle vision!!! Kidlogic has been a steady force and presence in PDX dnb, and comes correct behind the decks, with that extra sensory perception to drop the tunes and tune in!! We are also super excited to have Binsky come through for a special dnbday spectacular. We are looking forward to hearing his synesthetic audio skills in action!! This one’s gonna be a special night, so grab the fam and come get down!!!!!!!!

KIDLOGIC (Brontosonic, Supernormous, Subimate)
Known for dropping a wide range of sounds including footwork, jungle and dnb- the man is prolific, and forward thinking with the selection! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in March!!

BINSKY (Cirax, Mad Rhythm, Ground Mass, Wicked Jungle, Dynamix Records llc, Foldspace, Subduction Audio,181 BPM KRU)
“BINSKY’S STORY: Binsky’s ability to bend and chop sounds allows him to create unique auditory landscapes a listener can get lost in. he’s able to visualize each sound and how it relates to the next. he see’s each sound as motions and movements in an aural realm painting a vivid picture of mechanical animals running, hunting and flying throughout each piece of work.”


Gnosis Residents Info:

Believe has been playing deep and inspired DnB for nearly two decades. In addition to his reputation for dropping choice cuts and soulful rollers, he is recognized for his formidable emcee skills. He has also been a part of nights and crews such as Proper Movement, Kitchen Productions, and now Gnosis DnB, and has played at various events and parties from Alaska to Oakland, and beyond.

Josh D. has been working for DnB in Portland for quite some time, as part of Crush DnB, Proper Movement, Kitchen Productions, Rose City Underground, and now Gnosis DnB. He is known for his precise mixing, and intelligent, future-leaning and liquid-inspired tunes that get things moving.

Parallel is not only a veteran DJ, but an incredibly talented, gifted and seasoned producer, and Gnosis resident. His creative and deep tracks appear on many reputable labels including Alphacut and Subtle Audio, to name just a few. Behind the decks he is guaranteed to bring his fresh and singular take on dnb to the dancefloor, as he drops the original business for the heads that know.

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