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Streamfest 4.0 Replay

Our man, the broham, beardius maximus himself, Mr. Solve, laying it down for the good people‚Äôs of Whats Next PDX?

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Black Lives Matter

When we formed Subduction Audio, we did so with the intent to build community around a sound and culture we dearly love. Built upon a foundation of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We set out to represent the sound and culture the absolute best we could.

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Happy Hour 11 Dirtmerchant Rewind

Last but not least, the Portland DnB beast, The Dirtmerchant. For many, Drum and Bass in PDX immediately draws an association to this homie. The main man of PDX staple, Proper Movement, his influence in the city and talent cannot be denied. Check out this massive set he laid down for us.

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Happy Hour 11 KidLogic Rewind

In our humble opinion, KidLogic is probably one of the most underrated gems residing here in PDX. Immensely talented with a keen ability to read and rock a crowd. Check out his massive set for us!!! Respect to the man. Thank you for turning out and turning the joint up.

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Happy Hour 11 Zealot Rewind

Zealot on that bad boy business. Smash the link and bear witness.

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